Orthotic Solutions

Customized and off the shelff Orthoses mainly provide immobilizing, support to weakend or deformed body segment...



The feet form the foundation of the body. Orthopedic orthosis relieve the pressure



Mobility AIDs are mainly used for patient who are bed ridden or disabled person...


Motion Gait Analysis Lab

Static and Dyanamic Motion Analysis

IN ADVANCE CARE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT We do gait analysis.The gait analysis on a treadmill allows for the observation of the human gait at different running speeds with a high number of step repetitions. Depending on the application you can assess several gait cycles at constant or changing walking speed using the treadmill analysis center FDM-T. At the same time, it covers all further applications all around the analysis of gait behavior from stance over roll-off to gait analysis.

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Blount's. Knee ankle foot orthosis The patented Blount's. Knee ankle foot orthosis from simplicity system by JMMR inc has been proven to eliminate the need for surgery in some.

Orthopedic Insoles relieve the pressure on the feet, knees, hips and back. They have a biomechanical effect and therefore help the foot to function naturally. Can be treated for flat feet, Heel pain, Diabetic feet Etc,.

Suitable for stance analysis, roll-off analysis and gait analysis Robust pressure measurement technology Gait analysis is possible with or without shoes Different resolutions and measuring speeds, depending on the number of sensors Intuitive modular software suite FDM with sound evaluation report.

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